Real Estate Software $179.00 - HUD-1, HUD-1A RESPA, Escrow Disclosure, Truth in Lending (Regulation Z), 1099-S & AmortizationReal Estate Software $179.00 - HUD-1, HUD-1A RESPA, Escrow Disclosure, Truth in Lending (Regulation Z), 1099-S & Amortization


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Real Estate Software $179.00 - HUD-1, HUD-1A RESPA, Escrow Disclosure, Truth in Lending (Regulation Z), 1099-S & Amortization
Real Estate Software $179.00 - HUD-1, HUD-1A RESPA, Escrow Disclosure, Truth in Lending (Regulation Z), 1099-S & Amortization
(Annual License)
Real Estate Software $179.00 - HUD-1, HUD-1A RESPA, Escrow Disclosure, Truth in Lending (Regulation Z), 1099-S & Amortization
Real Estate Closing Software Screen Shot

RESPA compliant HUD settlement statements (HUD-1 & HUD-1A). All calculations including tax proration and transfer taxes are automatic.

Save any form as Word or PDF and email from within the program.

Ledger module prepares disbursement ledger and print checks. Lender netted items are accounted for automatically.

Automatically populate RESPA Final Rule mandated GFE-HUD comparison sheet, page 3 of HUD-1 or page 2 of HUD-1A Settlement Statement.

Smart Itemization: The 2010 RESPA Rule requires display of lump-sum charges (e.g. lender's origination, title and closing costs) instead of itemization. However, your customer and at times, different government agencies may demand itemization.

Easy HUD meets both of these requirements with the Smart Itemization feature.

Setoff Tracking: RESPA Rule requires listing GFE charges on borrower's column, whether paid by seller or lender. Use Setoff Tracker to keep track of such charges and credit/debit on the first page of HUD-1 settlement statement.

Flexible addendum page supports adding unlimited extra lines for 200/500/800/900/1100/1200/1300 HUD Settlement Statement group.

Auto calculates property transfer taxes (Line 1203 to 1205) charges on HUD-1 for over 40 jurisdictions (AK, AL, CA, CO, CT, DE, FL, GA, IA, IL, KS, KY, MA, ME, MN, NC, NE, NH, NJ, NV, NY, OK, RI, SC, SD, VA, VT, WI). Just select your jurisdiction and let Easy HUD do the computations based on sale/loan amounts. If your jurisdiction isn't listed, call us and we'll add it for you!

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Real Estate Software is compatible with: Microsoft Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000
National LawForms Software Products for Attorneys & Legal Professionals
  • Try before you buy! (download demo)
  • Designed for Microsoft Windows 8/7/Vista/XP/2000
  • Addendum page so that additional lines can be added
  • Create and store common lenders and settlement agent names for quick
  • Easy save and retrieve client files from within the program
  • Intuitively easy to use
  • Network Compatible & Multi User Ready
  • Easily transport data from one computer to another or across a network
  • Built in help system
  • Technical support via phone and web
  • Laser quality printed forms
  • Print borrower's closing statement or seller's closing statement
  • Print to PDF which can be transmitted electronically via e-mail or e-fax
  • Print a separate signature page with (2) two lines for complicated signatures
  • Print multiple copies of documents
  National LawForms Software Products for Attorneys & Legal Professionals

One year of Technical Support included with purchase. Check out our Knowledge Base where you can find answers to frequently asked questions and resolve technically related issues. We have an excellent database of notes, technical articles & tutorials to help make your experience with our software an enjoyable one. Submit questions via email or if you're still experiencing difficulty you may speak with one of our friendly and courteous support representatives.


Live-by-phone technical support for one year! All product purchases come with an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee. The software is licensed for a period of one year.


That's right, we are so confident that you will be happy with Easy HUD Software that we guarantee it!


Simple design. Type information on the screen exactly as you would type on the form itself. There are many ways to avoid redundant typing.


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