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The estate planning documents we have sold to attorneys for over 25-years is now available directly to you the consumer!

Chances are that you are visiting our website for one of two reasons. You have either decided you need a living trust and you are looking for a helpful legal tool to prepare your documents, or you are simply looking for more information about living trusts to determine if it is what you need. In either case, your search is over! National LawForms is the number one resource for consumers and legal professionals to prepare their legal documents and now you can prepare your own living trust (single or joint) with a little help from us.

National LawForms Living Trust Software is the software attorneys have been using for years to create simple living trusts for their clients. We understand that the cost of hiring an attorney to prepare your estate planning documents can cost thousands of dollars that the average consumer does not have. Our Living Trust software is the cost-effective solution to preparing quality professional legal documents quickly and easily.
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Save hundreds, even thousands of dollars in legal fees by preparing your own Trust documents!
Now that you have determined that a Living Trust is right for you, let's learn more about our software. The Revocable Living Trust software was designed to be compatible with all word processing programs. Simply answer questions on screen to tailor your estate documents which were prepared by a group of estate planning attorneys and can be customized or edited as needed.

The National LawForms Revocable Living Trust software allows you to prepare the following documents:
  • A Revocable Living Trust
  • A Memorandum of Trust (or Astract of Trust)
  • A HIPAA Compliance Authorization Form for the Release of Medical Information
  • A Schedule of Assets
  • Funding Instructions for Transferring Property to the Trust
  • Necessary Transfer Documents
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A revocable living trust is an arrangement you make for management and distribution of personal property. Like a will, the trust is "revocable", meaning that it can be altered or disolved it at any time.

Living trusts are established by written agreement or declaration which appoints a "trustee" to administer the property, and which gives detailed instructions on how the property is to be managed and eventually distributed. You can act as trustee and have broad powers to invest and use the trust fund.

The major difference between a last will and a living trust is in the ownership of the property. With the last will, you and your family own the property of your estate, and the court and executor you name will oversee the distribution according to your wishes via probate. With a living trust, all of your property is owned by your trust and you own the trust. Upon your death, the living trust contains instructions for distribution of your assets.

There are several strategies to choose from to make sure that your assets are distributed as you wish and in a timely way. The right strategy depends on your individual circumstances. That is, what is best for your neighbor might not make the most sense for you.

Who should you trust when it comes to estate planning? And how can you tell which tools and strategies will work best for your particular circumstances? The Federal Trade Commission, the government agency that works to prevent fraud, deception and unfair business practices in the marketplace, says that it helps to learn the terms that are used in this aspect of financial planning before you begin conversations about it. For example: Probate is a legal process that usually involves filing a deceased person's will with the local probate court, taking an inventory and getting appraisals of the deceased's property, paying all legal debts, and eventually distributing the remaining assets and property. This process can be costly and time-consuming. Many states have simplified probate for estates below a certain amount, but that amount varies among states. If an estate meets the state's requirements for "expedited" or "unsupervised" probate, the process is faster and less costly.

A living trust, created while you're alive, lets you control the distribution of your estate. You transfer ownership of your property and your assets into the trust. You can serve as the trustee or you can select a person or an institution to be the trustee. If you're the trustee, you will have to name a successor trustee to distribute the assets at your death.

A will is a legal document that dictates how to distribute your property after your death. If you don't have a will, you die intestate, and the law of your state determines what happens to your estate and your minor children. The probate court governs this process.

A living trust is different from a living will. A living will expresses your wishes about being kept alive if you're terminally ill or seriously injured.


90-Days of Online & E-mail Technical Support included with purchase. Check out our Knowledge Base where you will find answers to frequently asked questions and resolve technically related issues. We have an excellent database of notes, technical articles & tutorials to help make your experience with our software an enjoyable one. You can also submit questions via email.

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Simple design. Simply follow the step-by-step instructions, type in the requested information, then choose the document you would like to review, the information is automatically transferred to the default word processor installed on your computer (for most people this will be either Microsoft Word or Corel Word Perfect). From there you have complete control of the document, make further modifications or print the form, it's that easy!


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